Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum OH MY!

As a woman, how many times have you heard the message "Becoming a mom is the most natural thing in the world?"

Well, the fact is, that is ONE BIG MYTH that needs to be dispelled - as soon as possible! What IS natural is that the process of becoming a new mom can be a rollercoaster ride that you may long to get off some days! In reality, expecting the transition into motherhood to be easy and joyful 24/7 is often a setup for guilt and overwhelm. As with any major shift in life, the challenges of pregnancy, birth and parenting involve a steep learning curve that is often uncomfortable and bewildering. 

You're not alone.

It is estimated that 15-21% of pregnant women experience moderate to severe symptoms of depression or anxiety and approximately 21% of women experience major or minor depression following childbirth (Wisner KL, Sit DKY, McShea MC, et al. JAMA Psychiatry 2013). THAT'S A LOT OF WOMEN!!! Symptoms differ for everyone, and may include: feelings of anger, fear and/or guilt, lack of interest in the baby, appetite and sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating/ making decisions, and possible thoughts of harming the baby or oneself. While these perinatal mood disorders may be common, they're not NORMAL.  You don't have to suffer in silence, struggle just to get "through" your days, or accept that this just must be "how life is" with a new baby. You don't need to wait around for something to magically can take steps to feel better, right now.

You just want to be HEARD.

When you're used to "adulting" in a competent and organized fashion, caring for a newborn that doesn't abide by what you read in the baby books, Facebook pages or parenting blogs can feel more than a little frustrating. With today's massive access to tons of information readily available from the internet, along with potentially judgmental family and friends, smoothly navigating this "magical" time of your life can be tricky. It's common to experience overwhelm and exhaustion from the sheer volume of well-meaning advice and options available to you as a new parent. 

So where do you turn?

Between the physical changes (remember that your body is undergoing massive hormonal shifts AND healing from birth) and dramatic lifestyle transformations that come with new motherhood, help exists to carry you through the sometimes stormy seas. Hypnosis can become your biggest ally, like a trusted friend that exists right there within you.  Here's a list of the many ways in which hypnosis can assist you in your journey to motherhood:

  • Preparing for your baby's birth using hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to encourage a comfortable birthing experience.
  • Learn to nurture your relationship with your baby even before he is born! Bond and connect with your little one in the womb using profoundly effective hypnosis techniques.
  • Effectively alleviate many of the uncomfortable physical symptom you may experience during pregnancy and postpartum using powerful hypnosis techniques.
  • Hypnosis can reveal "hidden" reasons for your uncomfortable or negative feelings, thereby neutralizing and transforming them.
  • Work through past traumas related to your own birth or childhood that could be contributing to your current pregnancy, birth or postpartum struggles.
  • Those "crazy" mood swings can be effectively and efficiently managed with hypnotic techniques.
  • In fact, regularly experiencing the profound relaxation associated with hypnosis is a highly beneficial aspect to achieving peace and balance in your rollercoaster-mommy life.
  • The positive hypnotic suggestions, statements and affirmations in hypnosis create positive changes in your outlook on life
  • Your baby will respond in a more calm, relaxed manner when YOU are calm and relaxed!
  • Hypnosis boosts your confidence and self esteem: answers from your wise, higher self are readily available to you in a deep hypnotic state. YOU are your biggest source of information, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Breastfeeding challenges are often easily overcome utilizing the tools and techniques of hypnosis.
  • Achieve more restful, deeper, peaceful sleep for the whole family (including your nocturnal baby!).
  • Address postpartum body image issues (including weight loss).