Stress relief for Adolescents and Teens

But you're "just a kid"! What do YOU have to be stressed out about?

Turns out, A LOT. Just ask the millions of pre-teens and teenagers who are consumed daily by excessive worry, irritability, and sleep disruptions. Believe it or not, according to the American Psychological Association's 2013 "Stressed in America" survey, teenagers now make up the "most stressed generation".  Whether you're a stressed out kid looking for answers, or a concerned parent experiencing your child's wild moods, I'm so glad you've found this website. If you or your child is struggling, there is great relief available.

It's all so overwhelming!

We live in an extremely fast-paced society, where information is available at the touch of a screen and social media frequently rules kids' lives. Just ask Jordan. She's a 13 year old girl who juggles her 7th grade homework assignments and tests with basketball three days a week along with flute lessons and babysitting gigs. She gets great grades, but she's often consumed about stuff she sees and shares on Instagram and Snapchat with her friends. She is pretty glued to her screen whenever she's got "down time." Jordan sometimes gets involved in online "drama" with acquaintances she doesn't even know - it feels like a popularity contest that she's losing. She often awake, on her iPad, well into middle of the night, and to fuel her exhaustion she ends up eating lots of chips, soda and sugar.


Jordan is a pretty typical teenager, on a fast track to developing some unhealthy habits and transitioning from a stressed-out teen to an adult that never learned effective ways to deal with the pressures of life. In the meantime, her self esteem is taking a big hit, and her outpouring of irritability and anxiety are the clues all is NOT well in Jordan's world.

Social media, school performance expectations, overscheduling, and MORE ....AHHH - IT'S ALL TOO MUCH, MOM!


As parents, we often feel powerless to help our children manage these issues. We have enough on our plates as adults, and may tend to minimize or downplay our teen's struggles.  However, if you're noticing your kid is withdrawn, his habits are negatively affecting his life, and he has a hard time coping with daily ups and downs, pay attention to the warning signs! While some stress is necessary and even beneficial, chronic, ongoing, unrelenting feelings of anxiety, depression or anger are most DEFINITELY not normal!

Don't you think it's time to DO something?

Hypnosis is a path that can lead your child out of the woods. When life presents us with all of its infinite opportunities to get lost in the darkness of negativity, it's easy to forget that we ALWAYS have choices. One simple choice you can make for your adolescent is hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a tool she can use to cope when her external world is placing its heavy demands upon her. Hypnosis techniques will give your child the perspective to see that her inner resourcefulness is far more powerful than anything life throws at her. She'll learn that when she begins to FEEL better, her outer world will change for the better too.


Hypnosis can help:

  • Hypnosis can reveal "hidden" reasons for your child's uncomfortable or negative feelings, thereby neutralizing and transforming them.
  • Using the creative power of the subconscious mind, your teen can invent unique ways to combat his stress, specifically tailored to his needs and personality.
  • Unhealthy and unwanted habits like procrastination will disappear, almost like "magic", replaced by positive, life-enhancing actions such as better food choices and exercise.
  • Those "crazy" mood swings can be effectively and efficiently managed with hypnotic techniques.
  • In fact, regularly experiencing the profound relaxation associated with hypnosis is a highly beneficial aspect to achieving peace and balance in your child's life. Hypnosis is a gift that keeps on giving :)
  • Hypnosis boosts your adolescent's confidence and self esteem: answers from her wise, higher self are readily available in a deep hypnotic state. Your child is her greatest source of information, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Affirmations and suggestions given in hypnosis create a positive mindset where happiness has the opportunity to blossom.


Let the path of hypnosis guide your child out of the woods, help him to see the forest for the trees! The seemingly overwhelming details of life become so much easier to bear when the tools and techniques of hypnosis are learned and practiced.

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