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06. April 2017
Well, the fact is, that is ONE BIG MYTH that needs to be dispelled - as soon as possible! What IS natural is that the process of becoming a new mom can be a rollercoaster ride that you may long to get off some days! In reality, expecting the transition into motherhood to be easy and joyful 24/7 is often a setup for guilt and overwhelm. As with any major shift in life, the challenges of pregnancy, birth and parenting involve a steep learning curve that is often uncomfortable and bewildering.
30. March 2017
Turns out, A LOT. Just ask the millions of pre-teens and teenagers who are consumed daily by excessive worry, irritability, and sleep disruptions. Believe it or not, according to the American Psychological Association's 2013 "Stressed in America" survey, teenagers now make up the "most stressed generation". Whether you're a stressed out kid looking for answers, or a concerned parent experiencing your child's wild moods, I'm so glad you've found this website. If you or your child is struggling,...
23. March 2017
Has life presented you with a major detour? Perhaps it's been a long time coming, or maybe disaster struck swiftly without warning. Either way, you're left feeling dazed and confused, uncertain as to where to turn next to pick up the pieces. One thing is for sure, your experience has shifted the very foundation upon which your life has been built. Maybe you're coping by running around in anxious circles, or laying paralyzed under your covers. Likely, you're doing the best you can in between...